Hide your email-address

Here is the javascript source which can help to avoid grabbing your email-address (It hide fx the @ ) :

Cut and paste this source into your homepage :

Mail to <script> <!-- document.write(unescape("%3CSCRIPT%20LANGUAGE%3D%22JavaScript%22%3E%0D%0Adocument.write%28%22%3Cfont%20color%3D%27blue%27%3E%3C/font%3E%3Ca%20href%3Dmailto%3Aname%22%29%0D%0Adocument.write%28%22%26%2364%3B%22%20+%20%22mailservice.us%22%29%0D%0Adocument.write%28%22%3EYour Name%3Cbr%3E%3C/font%3E%22%29%0D%0Adocument.write%28%22%3Cfont%20color%3D%27black%27%3E%3C/a%3E%22%29%3C/script%3E")); //--> </script>

The script will make the address : name@mailservice.us but just show : Your Name so you must change : name and mailservice.us and Your Name to what you want.

Sample: Mail to

Download her (zipped html-format)